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wearyheart04's Journal



This is my journal and it is friends-only. You can leave a comment here if you wish to be added. There are some things you should know about me before adding me though.
I am 21yrs old
I am madly in love with my loving boyfriend
I enjoy a lot of music, but mostly rock
I am very open minded and you need to be as well.
Some of my best friends are homosexual so take the above into consideration again
If you think we would get along then comment, and I will be sure to add ya back


I married:
homebrewed at marry_a_ljuser
Greg Biffle at tie_the_knot

I claimed:
Greg Biffle & Jon Wood at claimadriver

Come Join:
banjohnnysauter claimadriver gruvis_malt nextelcup roush_racing nascarfans nascarfanz nascarforever realnascarfans relationships_

The best eljayers EVER:
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